stealthriot | Webmaster/Founder, Site Graphics and Layout, Content
  Most Favorite Square Game ... Xenogears
Least Favorite Square Game ... Saga Frontier

Coolest Male Character ... Cloud Strife, Kingdom Hearts version
Coolest Female Character ... Rinoa Heartilly, from Final Fantasy VIII

Best Gameplay System ... Materia, in Final Fantasy VII

Looking Forward Most To ... Final Fantasy XII

joshua | Webmaster/Founder, Finances, Site Operations, Content
  Most Favorite Square Game ... Final Fantasy VII
Least Favorite Square Game ... Brave Fencer Musashi

Coolest Male Character ... Sephiroth, from Final Fantasy VII
Coolest Female Character ... Celes, from Final Fantasy VI

Best Gameplay System ... Espers, in Final Fantasy VI

Looking Forward Most To ... Final Fantasy X-2

Rune| Public Relations, Spokesperson, Head Cheerleader, Canadian
  Most Favorite Square Game ... Final Fantasy Tactics
Least Favorite Square Game ... SaGa Frontier 2

Coolest Male Character ... Sephiroth, from Final Fantasy VII
Coolest Female Character ... Rydia, from Final Fantasy IV

Best Gameplay System ... Junction, in Final Fantasy VIII

Looking Forward Most To ... Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

 Clouds Kid - Forum Section - Our forum grand master
 Stooert - Visuals Section - Working on a top secret SquareAMP produced cartoon
 Jeremy - Games Section - Working on an upcoming Kingdom Hearts section
 Auron Swordsman - Games Section - Working on an upcoming FF8 section

 David - FF7 and FFX Sections that we never flew with
 RedXIII - Contributed The Bouncer and Chocobo Racing info that we are still sitting on
 ninvampire - Forum design and administrator
 Gage - FF:TSW section we sat on and didn't do anything with yet :P
 TGCid - FF6 and FF9 sections from previous site that we still have yet to put up, if we are even permitted to do so anymore

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SquareAMP History -

Right now SquareAMP basically consists of 3 good friends (Rune, joshua and stealthriot) as well as their friends from around the internet (IRC, ICQ). A couple of years back Rune introduced me to Stealthriot as his new webmaster for a Playstation 2 rumor site they wanted to do. The site never panned out do to time-constraints in both of their lives, but I kept in touch with Stealthriot afterwards.

StealthRiot and I eventually agreed that we would love to do a Square fan site, so this time around instead of slacking off, I went right ahead and purchased a domain name, got me hosting and within a few weeks SquareAMP v1.0 was born. We really never thought of it as v1.0, but after Stealthriot decided to re-do the site the version system came into place.

We didn't have much content, but we were able to get honorable mentions in a Web site design contest lead by a corporation named Ulead. They make most of the products that Stealthriot uses in designing the site. So slow and steady, we started primarily with Fanart and added on wallpapers, mp3's, and a Forum and SquareAMP got to be what it is today. But we were never able to do it alone. Late in 2000, Rune re-appeared and was very interested in our work. Being as he has always seemed like a full partner in crime, he was invited to work with us and has been extremely responsible in helping us get as far as we have gotten today. He is now just as entwined with the site as Stealthriot and Joshua are, and is helping in preparing future versions of SquareAMP.

Special Thanks/Linkage/Props -

There are some individuals and sites that we couldn't have made it without. I am going to list them below. I'd like to point out that some of these people may not even know who we are, but if they stumble across this page I would like them to see that they are mentioned.

Cidolfas and - The best Final Fantasy information sites on the web. You can almost find every face icon from any game that has ever held the Final Fantasy brand name. A few of the icons he has at his site are at use in our forums.

WingedHeart and Tina Shawal - At one time is was the fanart of these two individuals that was the only thing we had on the site. We were new, we didn't have any staff, and these two were kind enough to give us something to post up :)

Alex - Another friend of ours that went out of his way to create some content for our site when we were a small startup. What resulted were two very awesome Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Wallpapers that we still have in our Visuals section today.

All of the musicians who appear on our site - To name a few: JAXX, McVaffe, Kaijin, Alexander Prievert, Matt Pollard, Scott Peeples, Dale North, AmIEvil, Ailsean, it goes on :) thanks to your excellent work and allowing us to provide it to others. You can find a lot of their non-Square stuff at their various homepages, by searching google, or by heading over to OverClocked Remix or

GamingForce - Their Audio Section - Gotten a lot of good OST's thanks to this site.

OverClocked Remix - - This is the most premier video game remix site on the entire internet. If you've never been there you must go now!! They have more Square stuff than we do plus much much more.

VGMix- - Also you can't mention OC Remix without mentioning VGmix. Probably has the biggest archive of video game arrangements and mixes on the web now.

#FF10 on EFNet - And before that it was #FF9, and #FF8.... pretty much the hangout of many of the staff on this site listed above. Check it out if you are on IRC.

Tons of friends on the forum - just go to our forum to meet our great community :) too many people to mention here.

My loving girlfriend - who puts up with the money and time I put into this site!!

My cat and dog - check out this adorable picture :)

openBB - they put up with a lot of crap and help us with our forums, the link is above under the SA recipe