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Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV for PlayStation?!
   Square EA says the U.S. PlayStation versions of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV could debut this summer, but they want fan feedback before committing to the titles. The combination of an empty PlayStation schedule and the established success of Final Fantasy Anthology led Square to consider publishing these beloved 16-bit classics.
   These aren't merely shovelware ports of SNES titles, as Square has added some slick new content to these 32-Bit revisions in Japan. The PlayStation version of Chrono Trigger features new anime cinemas, including an entirely new ending that directly ties into Chrono Cross, the game's PS sequel. These new cutscenes also feature newly arranged versions of Yasunori Mitsuda's stellar soundtrack by Tsuyoshi Sekito. Like the two games in FF Anthology, Final Fantasy IV sports new CG opening and ending cinemas.
   Square also informs us that these games would debut at a "discounted price," as they are classic re-releases. If you'd like to see these games stateside (and we'd wager that you would), voice your opinion by mailing Square. Your feedback does matter and Square is listening to the demands of its consumers.
   SOURCE: Gamers.com

Final Fantasy IX is No. 1 In The North America
   Square Electronic Arts has announced that its latest Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy IX, has continued to dominate charts since its November 14 release, and was the No. 1-selling PlayStation game for the month of November. According to the NPD, Final Fantasy IX debuted at No. 1, selling more units than the second- and third-ranked PlayStation games, combined. In addition, sales for the epic RPG series have currently reached an amazing 30 million units in both Japan and in North America, making Final Fantasy one of the best-selling series across all consoles.
   SOURCE: Gamers.com
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Merry Christmas From Square
   Square today updated its PlayOnline web site with a Christmas-themed remix of the Final Fantasy theme. The Nobuo Uematsu-composed track was remixed by Square composer Kenji Ito; Ito was also responsible for the various FF-series remixes in Chocobo Racing. The track can be downloaded as either a 128 kbps or 64 kbps MP3.
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Square Lands BakBone
   Square has joined forces with BakBone to use the company's NetVault storage system to guard information, which will be generated from its PlayOnline service.
   "We'll be taking in tremendous amounts of information, and needed to find the best way of managing and securing that data," said Koichi Ise, PlayOnline's system director. "NetVault proved to us that it is the storage management software most capable of protecting that data today, and growing with us as people around the world log on to our site, and entrust us with their valuable information."
   PlayOnline is due to launch in early 2001, offering consumers online gaming, shopping, movie, and entertainment related news.
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Sign The Chrono Trigger Petition
   Another Squaresoft fan site, Squaresoft Extreme, has started a Chrono Trigger petition. If they can get one million people to sign it they will send it to Square to see if we can get an American release of Chrono Trigger for the PlayStation.
   The petition can be found here.
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Final Fantasy Anthology PS2 Compatibility Issues
According to reader reports, the problems appear to be minor. Final Fantasy VI is not affected at all, and the only widespread problems occur when trying to save in Final Fantasy V.  The save screen or load screen may become a jumble, and while the controls still work, you'll have to back out and try again or be familiar enough with the commands to save without visual cues.  Reports have been mixed about any benefits derived from the PS2's faster loading option, but it is good for FF fans to know the games can at least be played with relatively little headache.