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   Correction on FF11 Japanese Release Date and Pricing ... update | stealthriot

   It seems the earlier report on the release date and pricing for Square's Final Fantasy XI, which originated from The Magic Box, was slightly premature. Famitsu today confirmed that the game would be launching on May 16th for 7800 yen ($58 USD), not on April 27th for 6800 yen ($50 USD). The game will come packaged with an extra disc containing the PlayOnline software needed to sign up for and use Square's new online service with Final Fantasy XI. PlayOnline will begin its official operations on that same day.
   The reported monthly fee was also incorrect -- it will be 1280 yen ($9.50 USD) a month, rather than the slightly cheaper 500 yen fee ($3.75 USD) reported earlier. There's no word on whether the two free months of play that were previously reported will, in fact, be included with the game, but it still remains in the realm of possibility.

   source | The GIA

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   Final Fantasy XI Japanese Release Date and Pricing ... news | stealthriot

   After three months of beta testing, it seems Square is finally happy enough with the progress on its ambitious, online-only RPG, Final Fantasy XI, to announce a firm release date. April 27th will bring the world of Vana'diel to the masses at a initial price of 6800 yen (about $50 USD) for the packaged game.
   Once they get online, gamers will be able to enjoy a two month subscription to PlayOnline and unlimited play of Final Fantasy XI, after which a 500 yen per month (or roughly $3.75 USD) fee will apply.

   source | The GIA

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   VGMix Remix Site Debuts ... update | joshua

   While doing my daily morning read-through of Slashdot I noticed an posting in regards to the opening of another great new remix site. You can get to them at http://www.VGMix.com and find a ton of remixes by a lot of the same artists found here on SquareAMP and Overclocked ReMix. Good job guys :)

   source | N/A

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   Final Fantasy X Piano Collection Track Listing ... news | stealthriot

   DigiCube now has the newest Final Fantasy Piano Collection ready for preorder, with a listing of the album's contents and a music sample. The album will be available February 20th for 2718 yen.

   1. To Zanarkand
   2. Tidus' Theme
   3. Besaid Island
   4. The Hymn of the Fayth
   5. Travel Agency
   6. Rikku's Theme
   7. Guadosalam
   8. Thunder Plains
   9. Enemy Attack
   10. Via Purifico
   11. Suteki Da Ne
   12. Yuna's Decision
   13. The People of the Far North
   14. Final Battle
   15. Ending Theme

   source | The GIA

   Square Announces WonderSwan Color FF4, SaGa Release Dates ... news | stealthriot

   Square recently revealed release dates for its next two titles in the Square Masterpieces series. Hitting Japanese stores first will be Makai Toushi SaGa (released in North America as The Final Fantasy Legend, and also known simply as SaGa I), which will be released on March 20, 2002 for the WonderSwan Color. Just eight days later, on March 28, 2002, the WonderSwan Color Final Fantasy IV will be released.
   Square has yet to announce a release date for the remake of Final Fantasy III for the WonderSwan Color, and as is the norm with WonderSwan Color games, none of the titles are expected to see the light of day outside of Japan.

   source | The GIA

   Square Readies Announcement ... news | stealthriot

   According to Square spokesperson Hideki Tsuchiya, a formal announcement regarding release plans for Final Fantasy XI is scheduled for next week in Japan. Insiders believe an April release date and associated pricing for the game will be disclosed. Moreover, Square is expected to outline their development plans for the PlayStation 2 this year. For reference, Square's RPG collaboration with Disney 'Kingdom Hearts' is tentatively scheduled for release on March 28th on the PlayStation 2 in Japan. Square's stock jumped nearly 2% on the news in late trading.

   source | Core Magazine

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   Square USA To Close Down On March 31st ... news | joshua

   Salon.com is informing us that unless a last minute buyer is found, that Square USA will be shutting its doors on March 31st. The Honolulu-based subsidiary of Square Co. has had difficulty in forming a partnership with a major U.S. studio and does not have the funds to live on after the disappointing intake of its first feature length film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. The rest of the article goes over Square USA's short history, and its possibilities of earning an Academy Award nomination in the coming weeks. Click here for the rest of the article.

   source | Slashdot, Salon.com

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   Kaijin Premieres New Remix On SquareAMP ... update | joshua

   February gets a good start in the form of a new remix from SquareAMP favorite Kaijin. Giving us a 2 week headstart, only SquareAMP visitors get the opportunity to download his Rydia (Sureal Mix) based on the Rydia theme from Final Fantasy IV. Head on over to our Remixes section to download and enjoy =)

   source | N/A