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   Square Investors Meeting Highlights ... news | stealthriot

   Square will focus on video game business from now on, they are not planning to invest into other fields of business like movies.
   Square is planning to reproduce classic hits such as Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy Tactics, Seiken Densetsu and Parasite Eve.
   For 2002, they will not begin any major projects other than the Final Fantasy series. Square is planning to expand the Final Fantasy series, such as sub-series that focus on certain characters, or spin-offs like Final Fantasy Tactics.
   Square is aiming to generate between 4 - 6 billion yen profit in console games, and 1 - 3 billion yens on online games for the next fiscal year.

   source | The Magic Box, Madman's Cafe

   PlayOnline Database Info ... news | stealthriot

   For the PlayOnline database, there are two database systems: a full-cluster system composed of two SunFire6800 (UltraSparcIII/8CPU,8GB Memory) servers, and a system composed of a SunStorEdge (73GB Triple layered mirror system). Data that only requires access by users are managed under a NAS (Network Attached Storage) system, running under 8 NFS servers.

   source | The Magic Box, Madman's Cafe

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   Final Fantasy XI Network Structure ... news | stealthriot

   Square representatives recently spoke at the Sun Product Forum 2002 at a seminar regarding online game servers. Specifically, Square said their upcoming RPG Final Fantasy XI would use a three server setup. Thereby, each server would correspond to a different world: Chaos, Zande and Kefka. Initially, Square anticipates 50-60,000 simultaneous users for each server. While user limits per server remain undisclosed, it's believed Square will be able to accomodate as many as 1 million simultaneous players through their three-server setup. Reportedly, Square's PlayOnline service will utilize a SunFire 6800 database system, responsible for archiving vital player data.

   source | Xen Gamers

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   New Country and Character Customization Info on FF11 ... news | stealthriot

   There is a 4th country in the world of Vana'diel, called The Grand Duchy of Jueno, it is a neutral country, located inbetween The Kingdom of San D'oria and The Republic of Bastok. Due to the fact that The Grand Duchy of Jueno is a neutral country, if you create a character in this country, the character is a neutral character, not belonging to any of the countries. The Grand Duchy of Jueno is a business district, you can find more people of different races here.
   When you create a character, it is possible to customize the facial feature and hair style. As a result, there are 16 different combinations for each character of a specific tribe and sex. Furthermore, during the game you can purchase different costumes to dress up your character, so you will not see a bunch of clones walking on the street like in the beta version.

   source | The Magic Box

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   SquareAMP Needs Volunteers ... site news | joshua

   We want to make a push to be the biggest fansite portal on the web and we need help from the SquareAMP community in doing this. We have created a page located here that can be accessed by clicking on the "join squareamp" graphic on the side of the page now. Please check out what you can do to help us out and drop us an e-mail if you have any ideas or inquiries!!

   source | NA

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   IMPORTANT: Email Issues ... site news | stealthriot

   I just wanted to let everyone know that my site email address, stlthriot@squareamp.com, is not currently working and if you have been trying to send things to it you may have been getting your messages returned. For the moment you can just send your fanart/messages to: stlthriot@hotmail.com. Thanks.

   source | NA

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   PlayStation.Com Now Accepting Reservations for FF11 ... news | stealthriot

   Sony's Japanese website PlayStation.Com is beginning to accept reservation for Square's upcoming PS2 online RPG Final Fantasy XI, the game will be retail for 7800 yen. To play the game, you are required to have a PlayStation BB (Broadband) Unit or PS2 HDD, and a working Internet connection. The monthly fee for the game is 1280 yen, with the first month free of charge. An optional USB Keyboard is available for sale for 3500 yen.

   source | The Magic Box

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   Behind Square's PlayOnline Service ... news | stealthriot

   Square has contracted networking firm ACCESS to develop middleware software and communication libraries for their PlayOnline service. ACCESS is best known for their work on Sega's Dreamcast network and associated Internet browsing software Dream Passport. According to Square, the PlayOnline service will utilize elements of ACCESS' NetFront communication software, which served as the backbone for the Dreamcast network. More intriguing, a public test of the PlayOnline service and its capabilities is scheduled for April 10-11 at the Shin-Yokohama Prince Hotel, as part of the IT Embedded Forum 2002.

   source | Xen Gamers

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   Kingdom Hearts OST Available At GamingForce Audio ... news | joshua

   Seems the amazing team at GamingForce has provided another quality OST for download. Head over here to start downloading this OST composed by all-star female composer Yoko Shimomura, whose previous credits include Parasite Eve, Legend of Mana, as well as joint-composing work on Super Mario RPG and Front Mission.

   source | GamingForce Audio

   Square Readies Final Fantasy XI Soundtrack ... news | joshua

Square has confirmed plans to release a soundtrack for their upcoming PlayStation 2 RPG Final Fantasy XI in Japan. According to company representatives, the music compilation is tentatively scheduled for release June 5. Much like previous chapters in the series, the game will feature the compositions of renowned gaming musician Nobuo Uematsu. Noticeably smaller than previous soundtracks, the Final Fantasy XI compilation will span two discs and include 51 tracks. More intriguing, Square plans to release a limited edition version of the soundtrack which will come bundled with a DVD featuring movie clips from the game.

   source | Xen Gamers

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   Square Debuts English Kingdom Hearts Website & Contest ... news | stealthriot

   Now that Kingdom Hearts has hit stores in Japan, Square is turning its attention to North America. First up on the media menu is the launch of the official English website.

   Few new details for the game have been revealed on the site, but there appear to be some interesting tidbits in the offing, notably samples of the English voice acting. The site does delve into the battle system, which appears to be a relatively straightforward affair. As recounted previously, battles are presented in real-time, while magic spells can be set to three of the four Dualshock 2 face buttons. These spells are unleashed by holding the L1 shoulder button (the magic shortcut button) and simultaneously tapping one of the magic buttons. New spells are learned as the player progresses through the game.
   The site also contains details for the "Kingdom Hearts Name-in-Game Sweepstakes." Between the 1st and 12th of April, gamers can submit their names--their real names--to the site and subsequently be in the running for their names to appear in the North American version of the game. Only one person will be immortalized in the game, but ten runners-up will each receive signed artwork by Tetsuya Nomura, KH's character designer.
   Kingdom Hearts is currenly slated for release in North America sometime in the Fall.

   source | RPGamer

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   Our Sense of Humor Sucks ... update | joshua

   As a result of this, we will not be participating in any April fools jokery. But if you look elsewhere on the web, you may just find something worth laughing at :). I would start either here or here, otherwise have a Happy April Fools Day and I hope everyone had a great Easter

   source | N/A