.:. a u g u s t . 3 1 . s a t u r d a y .:.

   New Details on Final Fantasy Tactics Advance ... news | stealthriot

   Square has released the first info on Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for GameBoy Advance. This time there are two main characters in the game, Mash is the boy with strong will; Myu is a shy and morale boy; and Ritz is the female lead character, a very intelligent student at school. There are 3 new systems in the game: Judgement System - determine the order of action; Kuran System and Region Create System. After the character reaches a certain level, you can use the job change system to select a new job for the character
   The first screenshots and art can be found at The Magic Box and Gameforms.

   source | The Magic Box , Gameforms

.:. a u g u s t . 2 9 . t h u r s d a y .:.

   Final Fantasy Adventure Bible Details ... news | stealthriot

   New details regarding the Final Fantasy Adventure Bible have emerged. The 3 disc compilation will contain material from all eleven Final Fantasy installments. There will be a video demonstration of Final Fantasy XI's online world as well as material highlighting the plot of each of the previous ten installments. Furthermore, there will be information on each game's world and development process
   The Final Fantasy Adventure Bible was released today and retails for 13,000 yen ($109.50 USD).

   source | RPGFan

   Square's BB Units Sold Out! ... news | stealthriot

   As previously reported, Square started selling PlayStation 2 Broadband units earlier this week. Originally the sale was scheduled to run until September 30th, however the company announced on its website today that all available BB units are sold out and the campaign hence has ended.

   source | RPGFan

.:. a u g u s t . 2 8 . w e d n e s d a y .:.

   FFX Side Stories to be Playable at TGS ... news | stealthriot

   It has been confirmed that Square will in fact have stations at this year's Tokyo Game Show that will be running playable copies of the two Final Fantasy X side story games
   There are two FFX side story games. One stars Yuna the summoner, while the one stars the thief Rikku. There is still no word on what genre of game these side story games will fit into, but it has been confirmed that both will use the existing Final Fantasy X graphics engine.

   source | Gameforms

.:. a u g u s t . 2 7 . t u e s d a y .:.

   Square Talks Projections ... news | stealthriot

   In an interview conducted by Reuters, Square President and CEO Yoichi Wada mentioned he hopes Final Fantasy XI will attract up to 400,000 users by the end of the next fiscal year. So far, Square has sold 120,000 copies of the game in Japan. Asked about Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle, Square's first GameCube project, Wada said he hopes the game can be released by the end of the current fiscal year and become a million seller. Just as in the past, the Square president reiterated, there are currently no plans to develop games for Microsoft's Xbox
   Square is expected to reveal several yet-to-be announced games and show off previously announced titles like Unlimited SaGa, FF10 Rikku and Yuna versions, FF Crystal Chronicle and the company's GameBoy Advance games at next month's Tokyo Game Show...Final Fantasy XII is also rumored to be unveiled! TGS 2002 takes place September 20-22.

   source | RPGFan

   Square Sells BB Units ... news | stealthriot

   In an attempt to increase the user base of its PlayStation 2 online RPG, Final Fantasy XI, Square has started selling Sony Computer Entertainment's Broadband units. The accessory is required to play the game on your PS2. Interested customers, who order their BB unit for 18,000 yen ($150.35 USD), will be treated with a special Final Fantasy XI strap. The sale will run until September 30th.
   Since the game's release on May 16th, Square has sold 120,000 copies of Final Fantasy XI. SCE has shipped 140,000 Broadband units so far.

   source | RPGFan

.:. a u g u s t . 2 3 . f r i d a y .:.

   More Details on Square's Upcoming Nintendo Projects ... news | stealthriot

   According to an interview in Famitsu magazine and reported through Gamepro.com, there is now word that the GC version of Square's Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle requires owning both a Gamecube and a Game Boy Advance to play. The developers are still working out how exactly the multiplayer and GBA link-up elements will work, but official word for the moment is that both systems will be needed
   Next up is the Seiken Densetsu game announced recently for the Game Boy Advance, which has been confirmed as a remake of the first Seiken Densetsu. The first series title was for the original Game Boy and released in the U.S. under the name Final Fantasy Adventure. Earlier speculation had led to reports that the game was the popular second installment, known here as Secret of Mana.

   source | Gameforms

   New Final Fantasy I and II OST Announced ... news | stealthriot

   Square announced a new Final Fantasy I and II soundtrack, which will be released alongside the games' PlayStation One remakes in October. The project will be supervised by Nobuo Uematsu, while the tracks will be arranged by Tsuyoshi Sekito. The tracks, originally composed for the Famicom hardware, will benefit from the PlayStation's sound capabilities. The two-CD set carrying the catalogue number SSCX-10071 will be released on October 23rd. The price has been set at 2,718 yen ($22.93 USD).

   source | RPGFan

.:. a u g u s t . 2 2 . t h u r s d a y .:.

   Kingdom Hearts Final Mix ... news | stealthriot

   Square will release the American version of Kingdom Hearts in Japan this December as Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, the company announced today
   Similar to the International versions of recent Final Fantasy games, Final Mix will include English voices (and the English version of the Hikaru Utada theme song) over Japanese text. Unlike Final Fantasy X International, however, there is no indication that Final Mix will include any game content not found in the American version of the game.

   source | IGN PS2

   Kingdom Hearts Gets Jpop Talent ... news | stealthriot

   This morning, Square EA announced that top-selling Japanese pop star, Utada Hikaru, will be voicing the Kingdom Hearts theme song (in English) entitled "Simple And Clean". The Japanese version of the theme song was originally known as "Hikari", was released as a single in March 2002 in Japan, and has sold over 860,000 copies as of August 14, 2002
   "Utada is the only artist I envisioned singing the theme song for KINGDOM HEARTS," said KINGDOM HEARTS’ director Nomura. "Her music has moved millions of fans, and I was absolutely thrilled when she agreed to contribute to this project. I see her as an icon for young artists and she also proves that music transcends national and language barriers."

   source | Gaming Age

   Final Fantasy XI Update Plans
... news | stealthriot

   Square announced a future updates outline for its online RPG, Final Fantasy XI. Starting next month, the company aims to upgrade the game once a month and additionally hold special events at the same time. Among the upcoming updates is a change in the level cap. Until now the highest level a character was allowed to reach was 50. In a first step, the level cap will be set at 55 before players will be allowed to reach level 60 in November. Following this update, the bans on four users who dared to exceed the level 50 mark prior to the update will be lifted. Players who manage to defeat high-level monsters like Behemoths will be rewarded with super items. Difficult monsters and special items will be added to dungeons. Players whose level exceeds 30 will be able to enjoy new race-specific equipment. In the Bastok region, new mines will be available for discovery, while in Santoria and Windust the farming industry will be introduced. Further updates involve character stats, effects of levelling up and spells
   Available in Japan since May 16th, Final Fantasy XI has sold about 120,000 copies to date. A US version has yet to be officially announced by Square EA LLC.

   source | RPGFan

.:. a u g u s t . 2 1 . w e d n e s d a y .:.

   KH Promotional Event Details and Pre-Launch Party ... news | stealthriot

   As previously reported, Square EA LLC will hold a Kingdom Hearts Consumer Demo Day at the PlayStation Store in San Francisco on August 23rd from 02:00 until 06:00 pm. Playing Kingdom Hearts roughly one month prior to its release sounds good to you? It gets even better, as the game's director and character designer Tetsuya Nomura, as well as voice actors David Gallagher and Hayden Panettiere, will be making special guest appearances
   On August 28th, the company will host a Kingdom Hearts Pre-Launch Party at the W Los Angeles Hotel in Westwood. The game's voice actors, as well as more than 40 Disney character voice talents, will grace attendees with their appearance. DJ Jason Bentley will provide the background music for the party, which will last from 6:00pm until 10:00pm.

   source | RPGFan

   FF3 Remake Heading For GBA
... news | stealthriot

   According to sources, the next issue of Japanese V-Jump Magazine should contain an announcement from Square confirming that a Final Fantasy III remake is in the works for GameBoy Advance. No definite release date is mentioned, but apparently the company plans to release the game before Christmas
   A remake of Final Fantasy III was originally in development for Bandai's WonderSwan Color. After several delays, Square seemingly cancelled the WSC version of the game, though an official announcement on the cancellation has yet to be made.

   source | RPGFan

   FFXI 2002 Special Art Box Announced ... news | stealthriot

   Square will release the Final Fantasy XI 2002 Special Art Box, a special version of its online RPG, Final Fantasy XI, featuring a colorful DVD case with drawings from Yoshitaka Amano. The FFXI 2002 Special Art Box is set to retail on September 26th, carrying a price tag of 7,800 yen ($65.86 USD)

   source | RPGFan

.:. a u g u s t . 1 4 . w e d n e s d a y .:.

   Wow: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle Revealed ... news | joshua

   A GameCube commercial has been leaked that depicts the first ever shots of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle in action. Find yourself a copy of the video here (.mpeg, 4,251,652 bytes) and enjoy before Nintendo's legal guys order us to take it down. The scene in question occurs between 0:17 seconds and 0:20 seconds.
   Also your favorite gaming news sites have screenshots to accompany the video:

   • GameForms
   • The Magicbox

   source | N/A

.:. a u g u s t . 1 3 . t u e s d a y .:.

   Square to Host Kingdom Hearts Consumer Demo Day ... news | stealthriot

   A Kingdom Hearts "Consumer Demo Day" celebration will be held on Friday, August 23 at the PlayStation store in San Francisco. Attendees will be able to see the game in action and play a demo version. Also, Kingdom Hearts posters will be distributed among the crowd on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you live near San Francisco, be at the PlayStation store at 2:00 PM to enjoy the festivities

   source | RPGFan

   FFXI Art Book Announced ... news | stealthriot

   Square is set to release a book of art based on FFXI. The cover, as well as much of the art within, is done by longtime Final Fantasy conceptual artist Yoshitaka Amano

   source | Gameforms

.:. a u g u s t . 1 1 . s u n d a y .:.

   New Info on Square's Future Nintendo Games ... news | stealthriot

   More details regarding Square's upcoming GameBoy Advance and GameCube titles have surfaced. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle will take place in a fantasy-themed world. By connecting up to four GBAs to the GameCube, players will be able to support each other; for instance, heal a companion in need, just like in an online RPG. The game is set for a spring 2002 release in Japan
   As far as the new Seiken Densetsu game is concerned, it will be developed by Nintendo subsidiary Brownie Brown, the team which already worked on the original Seiken Densetsu. For its part, Square will assign the producer of the original game to the new project.

   source | RPGFan , Manichi Interactive

   Final Fantasy I and II Official Website Opens ... news | stealthriot

   Square has opened the official website for the PlayStation One remakes of Final Fantasy I and II. As previously reported, the two remakes will basically be based on the WonderSwan versions featuring updated audio-visuals and events, a quick save option, an easy mode and just like the PS One versions of FFIV, V and VI, CG opening and ending movies
   Final Fantasy I and II, as well as the Premium Package containing both games, a special picture-labelled packaging and three action figures, will be released on October 31st in Japan. While the games will retail for 3,800 yen ($31.41 USD) each, the Premium Package will cost you 8,800 yen ($72.75 USD).

   source | RPGFan , Minazuki

   Square Conducts FFXI Survey ... news | stealthriot

   Square is currently conducting a web-based survey with randomly chosen PlayOnline registrants. The survey is probably being used to gauge interest in Final Fantasy XI and to see if a PlayStation 2 or PC version is preferable
   Final Fantasy XI currently is scheduled to be released sometime in quarter one of 2003, though the game supporting the HDD has been thrown into question since Sony currently has no plans to release the unit in the US.

   source | RPGFan , PlayOnline

.:. a u g u s t . 0 8 . t h u r s d a y .:.

   Square Releases GBA Line-up ... news | jeremy

   Square announced today its upcoming plans for the GBA including the recently announced Final Fantasy Tactics New Work (Working Title). The remade handheld version is scheduled for release this winter in Japan. Also revealed is a new Chocobo title, while no other information on whether it will be another Chocobo Dungeon or the Working Chocobo that has been released on the Wonderswan Color.
Also in the line-up is Seiken Densetsu (Working Title) which is slated for a summer 2003 release in Japan.
   And finally, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle, which carries a spring 2003 release in Japan, is promised to have connectivity with the working Final Fantasy GC title. Note that all titles have no plans at this time to be released outside Japan and are subject to change.

   source | RPGFan , Famitsu Magazine

.:. a u g u s t . 0 7 . w e d n e s d a y .:.

   Buy Kingdom Hearts A Week Early! ... news | joshua

   While building momentum for the release of its adventure RPG made in conjunction with Square, Disney will be holding auctions to sell 25 copies of Kingdom Hearts at its auction website www.disneyauctions.com a week before other individuals can buy the game. The auction will last from August 8th to the 15th, and will also feature a contest that will send 5 lucky fans and their friends to the Kingdom Hearts pre-launch party happening in Los Angeles, California.

   source | The Inquirer

.:. a u g u s t . 0 5 . m o n d a y .:.

   Kingdom Hearts US Release Date Changed ... news | stealthriot

   Kingdom Hearts will ship in the United States on September 17, Square announced today. In addition, Square also indicated that the American version of the game will include added game features not found in the Japanese version: multiple levels of difficulty (Normal and Expert) and new bosses, including an appearance by Final Fantasy VII's Sephiroth
   "Kingdom Hearts will deliver a unique interactive gaming experience that melds Square and Disney entertainment legacies of animation, design, story-telling and character development," said Jun Iwasaki, president of Square Electronic Arts. "Kingdom Hearts represents a truly unique role-playing game experience, combining more than 100 Disney characters and new and familiar Disney worlds in one game. We are also excited to offer new elements in the North American version that are not available in the Japanese version of the game."

   source | IGN PS2