.:. d e c e m b e r . 2 9 . s u n d a y .:.

   Drag-on Dragoon Information Released ... news | joshua

   Enix has released official information on their PlayStation 2 action RPG Drag-on Dragoon. In this game you become a dragon knight who rides on a dragon, while shouldering the fate of yourself and your country.
   The main character is Kaimu, a 24 year old prince of a small kingdom, whose parents were killed by the Black Dragon sent by the empire, and his kingdom is under the imperial invasion. At the same time his younger sister was summoned by the goddess. To fight back to the empire, Kaimu allied with a Red Dragon, the Red Dragon lends her power to Kaimu, in exchange with his ability to talk, and placed a crest on his tongue.
   Furiae is Kaimu's younger sister, the princess of the country. Her life has changed after being summoned by a goddess to become a guardian. Ever since she became a guardian, she has lost her freedom, and she no longer has a devotion to life. She only worries about her elder brother's safety.
   Red Dragon is Kaimu's partner. Dragon is one of the strongest living being in the world, because they serve special commands from the god. The only reason she decided to join with Kaimu is because her life was threaten by Kaimu.
   There are 3 types of battle - air, ground and low sky:
   Air battle - you battle with dragons and other flying monsters in the sky.
   Low sky battle - you search for targets on ground like soldiers and blast them with the dragon's power such as fire breath, while avoiding projectile attacks like bows and magic.
   Ground battle - will battle on your own, with swords, bows and shields. Since you are on your own, you cannot use the help from the dragon, and the dragon will not gain any experience points either.
   Drag-on Dragoon is set for release in Japan in the Spring of 2003.

   source | The Magic Box

.:. d e c e m b e r . 2 8 . s a t u r d a y .:.

   Final Fantasy X-2 Video Released
... news | joshua

   Major appearances in the video include the dress sphere system in action, the symbol of Yevon, as well as an appearance by FFX hero Tidus. We are hosting the video here at SquareAMP for you to download:

      http://www.squareamp.com/ffx201.mpeg (.mpeg; 57.38MB)

   The game is set for release on March 13, 2003 in Japan.

   source | Ruliweb

   New Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time Details ... news | joshua

   Two months prior to the game's Japanese release information regarding item creation in Enix's Star Ocean: Till The End of Time has surfaced. This time players will have to visit a particular shop named Factory in order to synthesize their items. First however, they have to go to the local craftmen's guild and register themselves if they want to create items in such a Factory.
   Star Ocean: Till The End of Time will be released in Japan on February 27th 2003 at a retail price of 7,800 yen (65.07USD).

   source | RPGFan

   Drag-on Dragoon Staff Information ... news | joshua

   The names of key staffers behind Enix's recently announced PlayStation 2 action RPG, Drag-on Dragoon, as well as some new gameplay tidbits have surfaced. The game will be produced by Takamasa Shiba. Tarou Yokoo will serve as director, Masatoshi Kobayashi as main programmer and Takuya Iwasaki as project manager. The opening movie will be created by Sasaharagumi, a Tokyo-based company focusing on the creation of CG movies, which has already worked with Square and Capcom among others in the past.
   Gameplay wise, both your dragon and weapons can be upgraded. It is possible to exit the game during a mission and later resume at the very same point, without having to clear the mission.

   source | RPGFan

.:. d e c e m b e r . 2 5 . w e d n e s d a y . m e r r y c h r i s t m a s .:.

   First Final Fantasy XII Details Emerge
... news | joshua

   New information on the development staff of Final Fantasy XII has been announced. Character designer and 3D map designer will be Akihiko Yoshida, known for his character designs on the Ogre Battle series, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Vagrant Story. The art direction will be handled by Hideo Minaba, who held the same position on Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Final Fantasy IX and V. Director will be Jun Akiyama, who also worked on Vagrant Story and FFT.
   Additionally, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance will share some connection with FFXII. The details are not known yet, but apparently some new secrets or map areas in FFXII could be found while playing FFTA on the GBA.

   source | RPGFan

   Final Fantasy X-2 Tidbits ... news | joshua

   Square has unveiled more information and media on its upcoming FFX spin-off, Final Fantasy X-2, to release on March 13th in Japan. New pictures and tidbits about the game's third heroine Paine (official spelling) have been disclosed.
   Paine is a member of the Seagull group (Kamome dan) and is described as a cool, beautiful warrior who can also speak the Al Bhed language. Her joining the Seagull group apparently has to do with something that happened in her past. Her weapon is a big two-handed sword. As previously announced, returning characters Lulu and Wakka are now married and Lulu is pregnant with Wakka's child.

   source | RPGFan

   Kingdom Hearts Reaches 3 Million Milestone ... news | joshua

   Square Electronic Arts L.L.C. announced today that their Final Fantasy/Disney hodge-podge, Kingdom Hearts, has sold over a million copies in the US alone; worldwide the title has garnered over 3 million in sales.
   For those that just can't get enough of Sora and friends, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix will be in stores in Japan on December 26th, packed with more bosses, keyblades, abilities, and Heartless.

   source | RPGFan

.:. d e c e m b e r . 2 1 . s a t u r d a y .:.

   Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu More Than Just A Remake
... news | joshua

   In the recent issue of the official Nintendo magazine Nintendo Dream, new details regarding Square's second Game Boy Advance title, Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu were revealed. The game will be even more than a simple remake, featuring a completely revamped story and a system which feels like a synthesis of Seiken Densetsu 1 and 2's. Characters that were introduced in previous installments of the series will appear in the game as well.

   source | RPGFan

   Final Fantasy X-2 Confirmed To Have Tidus ... news | joshua

   Square has released additional information regarding Final Fantasy X-2 for the PlayStation 2. A total of six well-known jobs will be available in the game: White Knight, Black Knight, Fencer, Gunner, Thief and Dancer. As previously reported, jobs are changed automatically when you change a character's costume. In order to change costumes (and jobs) you have to activate a corresponding sphere. By default Yuna is a gunner, Paine a fencer, and Rikku a thief. The latter is capable of stealing time, MP and gil, among other things. As a gunner you can press the R1 button on your controller to initiate a quick trigger and thereby perform a chain attack.
   Final Fantasy X-2 will utilize the Active Time Battle system, which was a part of series until FFIX, but certain improvements and changes have been made. During battles your foes will act much more dynamic than in previous installments. Instead of attacking you and then returning to their previous positions, they will change their positions. It is also possible to talk to either foe or friend during battle.
   Apart from Lulu, Wakka, Rikku and Kimahri, Tidus has been confirmed to appear in the game. In one CG scene he and Yuna are seen escaping from a military force. Whether this is the game's reality or only an illusion of Yuna's, remains to be seen. Bahamut also is seen unleashing his Megaflare on opponents, which hints at the fact that summons may also make a return in the game.
   The recently revealed third playable character Paine will have a voice similar to Lulu's. She is rather cool and plays a role comparable to Auron's in the original game.
   Final Fantasy X-2 will be released in Japan on March 13th 2003.

   source | RPGFan

.:. d e c e m b e r . 2 0 . f r i d a y .:.

   Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Goes Radio
... news | joshua

   Starting next month, various radio stations in Japan will broadcast a radio drama based on Square's upcoming GameBoy Advance strategy RPG Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Titled Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Radio Edition, the drama's broadcast will start on January 4th 2003 and feature the game's main characters.
   The radio drama will be aired each Saturday from January 4th until March 29th 2003 on Tokyo FM, FM Osaka, FM Aichi and four other radio stations.

   source | RPGFan

   Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle Info ... news | joshua

   The story centers around the crystal and mana. The game takes place in a world surrounded by poison gas. People rely on the protection from the crystal, the mysterious power of the crystal can drive away the poison gas. However, the power of the crystal is not eternal, every year people must use the mana water to replenish the power of the crystal. The mana water is located at a very dangerous place, every year the village must form a team to obtain the mana water. The story takes place in a village, in which you and 3 other characters are sent to obtain the mana water located in a far place.
   When people go out to the field, they must carry a crystal cage to protect themselves from the posion gas. During the adventure, you must use the mana water to replenish the power of the crystal cage. In addition to drive away the poison gas, you can also use the power of the crystal to cast magic spells, but you must obtain the corresponding magic stones to use the magic.
   Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles supports 4 players simultaneously, and you can also connect up to 4 GameBoy Advance systems to the console, the GBA screen will display the field map and your stats. The battles are more action oriented than the standard FF series, you can move around the battle field freely, and attack or defense yourself by pressing the corresponding buttons.

   source | The Magic Box

.:. d e c e m b e r . 1 9 . t h u r s d a y .:.

   Final Fantasy X-2 Theme Songs Revealed
... news | joshua

   Final Fantasy X-2, the sequel to Square's best selling PlayStation 2 RPG Final Fantasy X, will feature two vocal theme songs, titled Real Emotion and 1000 no Kotoba (1000 Words) respectively. The earlier will be composed by Nobuo Yamaguchi and arranged by h-wonder, while KennKato will provide the lyrics. 1000 no Kotoba's lyrics are provided by the scenario writer of the game, Kazushige Nojima. It will be composed and arranged by the game's two composers. Noriko Matsueda and Takahito Eguchi. Kimi Yukita, who is also involved in motion capturing and voice acting, will perform the two songs.

   source | RPGFan

   Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu Development Team Details ... news | joshua

   Today, a list of the key figures behind the upcoming Seiken Densetsu GameBoy Advance remake, Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu has surfaced. The game will be produced by the series' mastermind Kouichi Ishii. Shinichi Kameoka will be in charge of character design, while Kenji Itou will compose the soundtrack. Tatsuo Ooin will direct the remake, Kouji Tsuda will serve as art director, Yoshikazu Ikeda as scenario writer and Tomoki Anasawa as main programmer.
   Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu will be released in Japan sometime in summer 2003.

   source | RPGFan

   Unlimited: SaGa Skill Panel Details ... news | joshua

   Square has released additional details on their PS2 RPG Unlimited: SaGa. The game features a Skill Panel system, which allows you to learn the magic, skills and obtain guardian beasts you desired by placing different skill panels in the skill panel board. There are 5 types of skill panels: Magic, Power up, Skill, Power down, and Guardian Beast. If you want to learn a specific skill, place the corresponding skill panel into the board, once you gain enough experience you will acquire the magic, skill or guardian beast. Notice there is a Power down panel, it is used to tone down certain status to improve the rate of combo attacks.

   source | The Magic Box

   Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Summons Info ... news | joshua

   Square's Final Fantasy Tactics Advance will feature a number of familiar sacred beasts (summon beasts), including Ifrit (fire), Shiva (ice) and Ramuh (thunder). However, only characters with the Summoner job class can summon the sacred beasts. At the beginning, there are only 3 job classes available; to obtain new job classes, first you have to equip an item which gives you new abilities, and raise the abilities to master level, then new job classes will become available. Some job classes are limited to specific races, such as Summoner is only for the Viera race. These are some of the new job classes: Mystic Knight, Atelier, Summoner, and Geomancer.

   source | The Magic Box

.:. d e c e m b e r . 1 7 . t u e s d a y .:.

   Square's Mystery Game Revealed
... news | joshua

   Square has revealed that the seventh game it will be showcasing at the Jump Festa 2003 event in Japan (to be held on December 21 and December 22)is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. The game will be Square's first effort for a Nintendo system since it developed Super Mario RPG in 1996, and it will also mark the return of the Final Fantasy franchise to a Nintendo console. The series has been exclusive to the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 over the past few years.

   source | GameSpot

   First Details On Enix RPG Drag-on Dragoon ... news | joshua

   Enix has revealed first details on their new PlayStation 2 medieval fantasy action RPG Drag on Dragoon. In this game you must ride on the dragons to battle with troops of soldiers in the sky. The main character is Kaimu, the price of a small country, his parents were killed during the attacks from the ambitious empire. In order to save his country from the imperial invasion, he allied with the dragon and become the dragon dragoon, the emblem on his tongue is the symbol of the alliance.
   The second main character is Furiae, the princess and the younger sister of Kaimu, she was chosen by the goddess to become the guardian of the dragons and her country. She uses spells and prayers to protect the country, and she is also the key to world peace.
   There are both ground battles and air battles in the game. In ground battles Kaimu fights the enemies with swords, shield and arrows. In air battles, Kaimu must ride on the dragon and battle the enemies from both the sky and the ground, the dragon can also cast offensive and defensive magic.

   source | The Magic Box

.:. d e c e m b e r . 1 6 . m o n d a y .:.

   SquareAMP Has ALWAYS Been Pop-up And Banner Ad Free
... update | joshua

   The other day I received a complaint about a pop-up ad on our site and that prompted me to write this quick post that we have ALWAYS been pop-up free and have no form of advertising on the site. We feel strongly that this site should be ad-free and that we should not benefit from the works of Square, as well as the fanart and remixes of the artists who have submitted them to our site. Plus pop-ups ads are just annoying.
   If you experience a pop-up on our site, you could possibly have an Adware or Spyware program embedded in your computer that will make a browser window pop up with advertising at random intervals. Lavasoft USA makes a fantastic tool for removing these types of scum from your computer with a program called Ad-Aware, and I would recommend you download it and run it if you are suspicious that one of these programs exist on your computer.
   If you are still unclear as to these types of programs and where they come from, here is some reading material:

   source | N/A

.:. d e c e m b e r . 1 5 . s u n d a y .:.

   Even More FF Crystal Chronicle And Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu Details ... news | joshua

   As an addition to the previous news story regarding Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle and Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu, we bring you some more information regarding those two titles, as reported by V-JUMP magazine.
   In Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle, the player can choose between four different main characters by the names of Yuk, Selki, Krabat and Lilty, each hailing from a different race. Depending on your choice, the story will develop differently.

   Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu will also allow you to select your main character of choice at the game's beginning, however here your choice is limited to a female and male character. The development team won't break away from the series' tradition, and will stick to a real-time combat system.

ALSO: Video game news site The Magic Box is referring to the new Seiken Densetsu game as "Secret of Mana: New Testament" - This must be a rough translation of Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu.

   source | RPGFan, The Magic Box

   Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Summons Revealed ... news | joshua

Just like its predecessor, Square's Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for GameBoy Advance will feature summons. So far Ifrit, Ramuh and Shiva have been confirmed to appear in the game. This time summons will also be able to increase their power.
   Final Fantasy Tactics Advance will be released in Japan on February 14th 2002 for 5,800yen (48.12USD).

   source | RPGFan

   First Details On New Dragon Quest Monsters Title ... news | joshua

   Enix's recently announced GameBoy Advance game Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart has received its title because of a newly implemented feature. The game allows players to transport their characters in a caravan formation of up to three units. Players will have to travel through a huge world, while trying to save it from an upcoming crisis. The game will be supervised by Dragon Quest mastermind Yuji Horii.
   Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart has yet to receive a release date and pricing.

   source | RPGFan

.:. d e c e m b e r . 1 4 . s a t u r d a y .:.

   Final Fantasy X-2 Third Character Unveiled ... news | joshua

   Square has revealed the third main character in Final Fantasy X-2, her name is Pine. An original character who uses a blade as weapon, although she is not Al Bhed but she can speak the language. She wears mostly black leather type cloths.
   It is confirmed that the classic Active Time Battle system will return to the game, but there will be a number of enhancements to make the battles more challenging. A new Dress Up System is also added to the game, which allows a character to put on different costumes and "transform" to different job classes in the battles. You can change your costume with different kinds of dress spheres, the character returns to his/her original form after the battles.
   Another interesting note is that Wakka and Lulu finally got married, they will be in the game along with Kimahri, but it it uncertain whether they will be playable.

   source | The Magic Box

.:. d e c e m b e r . 1 2 . t h u r s d a y .:.

   Final Fantasy X-2 and Seiken Densetsu Remake Update ... news | joshua

   Next week's issue of V-Jump will feature new details regarding Final Fantasy X-2. The game's battle system will be the good old Active Time Battle system, which was a trademark of the series until being replaced in the original Final Fantasy X. Up to three party members will be able to participate in a battle at the same time. Furthermore, players will be able to perform chain attacks. Yuna will be able to switch from gunman to warrior mode.
   Apart from the article on Final Fantasy X-2, the official title of the Seiken Densetsu remake for GameBoy Advance will also be revealed in V-Jump's new issue. The game will be titled Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu.

   Final Fantasy X-2 for PlayStation 2 will be released in Japan on March 13th 2003. Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu has yet to receive a definite release date, but so far the game is listed for a 2003 release.

   source | RPGFan

   SquareAMP Radio Update ... update | joshua

   SquareAMP Radio has had a nice little update. Most of the playlist changes were made to the 24k stream, and one OST was swapped out for our 56k stream. It is our intent to keep the higher quality stream up to date with Square's most recent work, thus the decision to keep FFXI and KH in the cycle. Added was the recently released FF I & II OST which had been re-arranged for a newer generation of gamers. As for our 24k stream, we really went with the emphasis of ALL of Square's games and not just FF titles, but added FF7,8 and Tactics in to please the masses.

   On the 24kbps stream you have:
      Another Mind Original Soundtrack - Composed by Junya Nakano
      Bushido Blade 2 Original Soundtrack - Composed by Ryuji Sasai
      Chrono Trigger Original Sound Verzion - Composed by Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu
      Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack - Composed by Nobuo Uematsu
      Final Fantasy VIII Original Soundtrack - Composed by Nobuo Uematsu
      Final Fantasy Tactics Original Soundtrack - Composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto
      Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack - Composed by Yoko Shimomura
      Secret of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 2) Original Sound Version - Composed by Hiroki Kikuta
      Vagrant Story Original Soundtrack- Composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto
      Xenogears Original Soundtrack - Composed by Yasunori Mitsuda

   And for higher bandwidth users, our 56kbps now has:
      Final Fantasy I & II Original Soundtrack - Composed by Nobuo Uematsu
      Final Fantasy XI Original Soundtrack - Composed by Nobuo Uematsu, Naoshi Mitzuta, and Kumi Tanioka
      Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack - Composed by Yoko Shimomura

   As always, you can click on over to our SquareAMP Radio page to find out more information, as well as instructions on how to tune in.

   source | N/A

   Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Character And Class Info ... news | joshua

   Here are some new character, tribes and jobs information for Square's Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, there are 3 main characters and 6 supporting characters in the game, include Remedi, Shara, Mont, Nono, Ezel and Cid. Cid and Remedi Randell are the parents of Mewt Randell, Cid is the judge master and Remedi is the queen. More job classes are revealed, such as Juggler, Time Mage, Paladin, Fencer, Bishop and Mediator. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is scheduled to release in Japan on February 14, for 5800 yen.

   source | The Magic Box

.:. d e c e m b e r . 1 1 . w e d n e s d a y .:.

SquareAMP Starts Hosting Cartoons/Animations ... update | joshua

   I just wanted to point to our Visuals section where we've put up our first animations. As with the rest of the site, the section will be submission-driven so if you have any cartoons or animations that you've done, please send them in!!
   The first animation to be put in this section is a great work by Allkaiser, titled "Final Fantasy 1, In Brief" - this animation has been up at our affiliate FFCompendium for a few months now and we just received authorization to host it as well, so please check it out, and send Allkaiser the best of compliments for his hard work.

   Here is the link: http://www.squareamp.com/ff1.html

   source | SquareAMP Visuals

   Enix Announces Dragon Lagoon ... news | joshua

   Enix announced a new PlayStation 2 action RPG called Dragon Lagoon, the game is about the battles with people who live in the sky and on earth, sort of like Sega's Eternal Arcadia (Skies of Arcadia).

   source | The Magic Box

   Final Fantasy XI Breaks Even ... news | joshua

   Bloomberg reported that the number of registered player for Square's Final Fantasy XI has finally break through the 200,000 mark, which is the break even point for PlayOnline service.

   source | The Magic Box

.:. d e c e m b e r . 0 9 . m o n d a y .:.

Parasite Eve: Rebirth Heading To PS2 And Gamecube? ... news | joshua

   RUMOR: Square Enix announced their first project for PlayStation 2 and GameCube called Parasite Eve: Rebirth, a remake of the survival horror RPG for PlayStation. The game will feature new episodes, an enhanced combat system, and other new elements to greatly extend the replay value of the game. Parasite Eve: Rebirth is scheduled for release by the end of 2003 in Japan.

   source | The Magic Box, New Final Fantasy

   Fresh Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time Story Details ... news | joshua

   New information regarding the story and setting of Enix's highly-anticipated PlayStation 2 RPG Star Ocean: Till The End of Time has surfaced. During their journey, Fate and company will end up on a planet dominated by the kingdoms of Aligliv and Shihaz. The former is a military kingdom located in a moutainous region. It possess three famous military units: cavalry on horse, heavy cavalry and an assault division.
   The religious kingdom of Shihaz, whose people believe in the religion of Apris, relies on its fertile ground and is called the Kingdom of the Sages. Against all odds, the two kingdoms have co-existed in harmony until one day, Aligliv's armed forces invaded Shihaz. Now both countries are in a constant state of war and it's up to Fate and his friends to end these hostilities.
   Star Ocean: Till The End of Time will be released in Japan sometime in February 2003 at a retail price of 7,800 yen (63.13USD).

   source | RPGFan

.:. d e c e m b e r . 0 8 . s u n d a y .:.

   Wow - More Affiliates? Yes! ... news | joshua

   It was almost a year between our last two affiliation moves, but we've already made two more within the last few hours. We are proud to have affiliated with one of the largest Square gaming communities, Square Gamer as well as Square Gamer Founder Shaun's upcoming new Square/Enix news site, Enix Squared. SquareAMPers StealthRiot, Rune and Joshua have been SquareGamer readers since even before the FF8Omega merger, so we are very honored, thanks and welcome!

   source | N/A

   Affiliation News: Good And Bad ... news | joshua

   I am saddened to report that long time affiliate FF Music Online will be going offline shortly. We will miss them severely, as they were a unique mission in a sea full of FF sites
   However - after the loss of FF Music Online we are pleased and excited to announce our first new affiliate in probably like.... a year, the one and only New Final Fantasy!! NewFF.com brings more than just a coming soon sign or aging content in being probably the freshest Square site on the 'net right now, so we kindly appreciate their affiliation and hope it leads to further collaborative efforts.

   source | N/A

.:. d e c e m b e r . 0 6 . f r i d a y .:.

   Updated Unlimited SaGa Information ... news | joshua

   In this game you can begin the quest as one of the 7 main characters: Laura, Cash, Vent, Judy, Armic, Myth and Ruby. Each character will have 3 or 4 companions and his / her own stories, making up a total of 23 playable characters. They will cross over to each other during the adventure. Each character has 5 attributes and 5 elements. If you want to learn a new skill, place the skill inside the attribute & element board, the character will be able to learn the skill permanently once he / she gained sufficient experience.

   source | The Magic Box

   Square PS2 Broadband Adapter Sale Part 2 ... news | joshua

   Square is re-selling Sony Computer Entertainment's Broadband adapter through its PlayOnline website starting today. The price has been fixed at the low low price of 18,000 yen (144.21USD). Just like in a similar campaign held earlier this year, the number of available BBA units is limited, so interested fans should hurry up and place their orders. Ordered units will be shipped to customers starting December 20th. A PS2 BBA is required to play certain PS2 online games like Square's own Final Fantasy XI or Koei's upcoming MMORPG Nobunaga's Ambition Online.

   source | RPGFan

.:. d e c e m b e r . 0 3 . t u e s d a y .:.

   Square Jump Festa 2003 Lineup ... news | joshua

   Square announced they will be showing their latest game titles at the Jump Festa 2003 in Tokyo on December 22, the game lineup include:

   -Final Fantasy X-2 (PS2)
   -Hanjuku Eijuu Vs 3D (PS2)
   -Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (PS2)
   -Chocobo Land (GBA)
   -Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (GBA)
   -One mystery title

   source | The Magic Box

   Square Enix News Conference Report ... news | joshua

   As previously reported, Square and Enix held a joint news conference to discuss various aspects of their merger in Tokyo today. Current Square president and CEO Youichi Wada said the new company is aiming to increase its ordinary profit ratio to more than 30%. To reach this ambitious goal Square Enix aims to increase the sales of Enix games in the US, in particular the sales of the Dragon Quest series. In North America Enix flagship series has never been as successful as Square's Final Fantasy. Synergy effects are expected to appear particularly in the development of online games and mobile content as well as localizations for overseas markets. For the fiscal year 2005/2006 Square Enix is projecting sales of 15 million units, consolidated sales of 100 billion yen (818.47 million USD) and a consolidated operating profit of 35 billion yen (286.45 million USD).
   Enix reported that it has shipped 515,000 copies of its recently released PlayStation 2 RPG Torneko 3 in Japan and projected sales of 810,000 copies for its second key title of the fiscal year, Star Ocean Till The End of Time, which is due to be released in March 2003. The company is currently developing 25 titles (80% PS2, 10% GameBoy Advance and 10% PC games). Currently there are no plans to develop titles for GameCube, Xbox or WonderSwan Color.
   Square announced that there are currently 184,000 subscribers to its PlayOnline service. Since the service will break-even when the total number of subscriptions reaches 200,000, the company is optimistic to reach the return on investment point very soon.

   source | RPGFan

   Enix Announces Dragon Quest VIII ... news | joshua

   The latest issue of Japanese magazine Shonen Jump has finally answered what was for the longest time speculation: what platform the next Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior for those of us in the states) would land on. Well, it's official: the PS2. According to a feature on the game in the magazine, Dragon Quest VIII will land on the PS2 next year and will be cel-shaded (see the accompanying scan from the article for a first look at the game).
   Interestingly, following the departure of the previous Dragon Quest developer Heartbeat, Level 5, developers of the Dark Cloud series, will be stepping up to handle the game's programming. Series director Yuji Horii and other Enix team members will still overlook game design and direction, however.
   For those unaware, the Dragon Quest series is the largest RPG franchise in Japan, and the fact that it is tied with the PS2 will no doubt strengthen Sony's stranglehold on the Japanese game market.

   source | Gamers.com