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   SquareAMP Radio Updated Again! ... news | joshua

   Since SquareAMP Radio has magically become immensely popular, I added some new tracks to each of the streaming stations. On the 24kbps stream you'll find the Final fantasy IX Original Soundtrack by Nobuo Uematsu, and on the 56kbps stream you'll find the Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack and Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Additional Tracks both by Yoko Shimomura. Hooray for us!

   source | SquareAMP Radio

   Square Ships 1.8 Million Copies Of Final Fantasy X-2 ... news | joshua

From RPGFan:
   Square has announced that they shipped a total of 1.8 million copies of Final Fantasy X-2 to stores across Japan. The more than two hundred fans assembled at the Tsuyata store in Shibuya were not only greeted by Kumi Kouda (Yuna's voice actress), but also by Square CEO and president Youchi Wada and Enix CEO Keiji Honda. According to Wada, it is possible to complete the game within 20 to 30 hours, however it would allow for up to 100 hours of gameplay as well. Asked about Final Fantasy X-3, Wada refused to comment, saying it would be the wrong time to comment on a possible sequel at the day of Final Fantasy X-2's release. After the countdown event, the lucky boy who was first in line was allowed to shake hands with Kouda, Wada and Honda. Among other goodies, fans received straps as presents upon purchasing the game.

   I really really really want this game.

   source | RPGFan

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   The Animatrix - Second Episode Released ... news | joshua

   The second of four complete Animatrix episodes was released at The Animatrix website early this March. Click on over to watch "Program."

   source | The Animatrix

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   Kingdom Hearts 2 In Development ... news | joshua

From RPGFan:
   According to Japanese site Quiter, Kingdom Hearts 2 has indeed been confirmed to be in development by Square. No details are available so far, but RPGFan will keep you posted on all future development..

   source | RPGFan

   FF Crystal Chronicles delayed, FF Origings Sweepstakes, Merchandise ... news | joshua

   Square has noted that FF Crystal Chronicles has been delayed for an unspecified amount of time due to problems in the game's battle system.
   Also, the FF Origins website has been updated with new details and wallpapers, as well as a contest to enter. The grand prize will receive FF Origins, FF Anthology, FF Chronicles, as well as game guides and Amano art books. The official contest site is located here.
   Last but not least, Square has made available more merchandise for its upcoming RPG Final Fantasy X-2, as well as Shinra merchandise, both are available via Square's PlayOnline website - but be warned you may need to brush up on your Japanese to navigate.

   source | RPGFan, FF Origins Official Website

   Final Fantasy X-2 Details (spoilers-sorta) ... news | joshua

From RPGFan:
   A new article on Square's upcoming, first-ever sequel to a Final Fantasy title, Final Fantasy X-2, in V-JUMP Magazine has revealed new details regarding the game's story, or should we say, raises new questions - in particular about Tidus' relationships to both Yuna and Lenne, the songstress looking almost identical to Yuna. Also, all of the sudden the leaders of Spira's three factions, Balalai, Nooj and Gippel have disappeared. On the gameplay side of things, players will be able to re-use their clear save file to play through the game once more. The abilites learned by the characters on their first run through will be taken over to the new game (similar to Parasite Eve and Vagrant Story's systems).

   Hopefully, this will be reminiscent of the famous Bizarro World episode of Seinfeld.
   source | RPGFan

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   Final Fantasy X-2 Famitsu Rating And Details On Ren... ... news | joshua

   Famitsu has rated the first direct sequel in the Final Fantasy series and has rated the game a 34 out of 40 (8,8,9,9) - which by all means is a pretty good score, but not as high as the original Final Fantasy X.
And from The Magic Box:
   Square has released yet more info on their upcoming PS2 RPG Final Fantasy X-2. A new character called Ren is revealed, who is a mystical songstress. It seems like Ren and Yuna will team up at some point, she wears the same cloths as Yuna's songstress job class. Another new job is revealed, it is the Beast Master job for Paine. Beast Master can tame monsters in battle. There is another new mini game called Desert Mining. In this game you will be brought to a desert land, there is a mini radar on screen, with a number of spots marked with an "X", you will be able to find treasure in one or more spots.
   Final Fantasy X-2 releases in Japan on March 13th (that's next Thursday.)

   source | The Magic Box

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   FFX-2 Coming To America ... news | joshua

   Just wanted to note that a few sites (RPGfan, IGN) are reporting that Final Fantasy X-2 has been pencilled in for a November release in North America. Yay!

   source | N/A